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Coppes Napanee

Coppes Napanee is famous for custom cabinets. Founded in 1873 as a planing mill, it is the oldest continuously-operating cabinet maker in the country. The company became famous for manufacturing dozens of models of “Hoosier Cabinets” at the turn of the century.

You may be curious about the spelling of "Napanee" with just one "p." One story suggests that the founders chose the name because laws at the time banned the use of city or community names in advertising. Another points to an early spelling of the town that has its origins in the Native American language.

Coppes Napanee continued to evolve with the contemporary home over the years and, in the 50's, began designing the built-in kitchen cabinets we know today. These kitchens were purchased by the likes of Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy and Elvis Presley. The company still offers the well-built construction and standards of lifetime quality in its custom cabinet products. They also provide expert restoration services for the Hoosier Cabinets that put them on the map a century ago. Visit the Coppes Napanee website at for more information.

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