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Abington, MA

My Napanee Dutch Cabinet belonged to my aunt who lived on Nelson Street in Lynn Massachusetts.   I believe she purchased it new in the 20’s.    I think it’s around 1924-27 based on images and advertising.   It came pretty much intact, only missing the Sugar bowl (though the lid was still there!) , the salt bowl, the coffee canister, the bread drawer cover, and the bottom pull out tray.   The paper is still there for the cookbook and extract areas.   I love and still use the flour bin! It has been a delight of many children helping me bake.   The finish is original, and the original roll up front still works.  Minor damages to the porcelain.  It’s one of my favorite things in my home!

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  1. This is in beautiful condition! You are so lucky to have it, and that it is a family piece makes it even more cherished! Happy for you!

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