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An Updated List of Hoosier Manufacturers

Welcome to Bill’s History Corner. I’ve been working on this list for while now, thought it was time to share it with everyone. Surprising how many companies jumped on the Hoosier Cabinet bandwagon in the early part of the 20th century. I’m still promoting Newspapers .com as a method for researching. Free trial, check it out.

Below is our (Coppes Commons) collected list of Hoosier Cabinet manufacturers as of Oct. 1st, 2020.  

Disclaimer-Names of Manufactures were found in many places, including EBAY listings, cabinets in antique stores, advertisements in magazines, newspapers, trade journals, etc. In most cases, I saw a likeness of a cabinet or an actual kitchen cabinet that was constructed in the style of Hoosier Cabinets. A date is the date of an advertisement. My definition of a Hoosier cabinet is A cabinet that is free standing, with distinct top and bottom sections, a work surface, and large amounts of storage.

Abernathy Furniture Co, Kansas City, MO

Acme Kitchen Furniture Co. Chattanooga, Tenn.  1917

Ariel Cabinet Company – Peru, Indiana ”Handyhelper”

Atchison Furniture Co.,   Atchison   KS   1902

Austell Furniture Company,  Austell, Georgia  

Baines, Mosier Company, Allegan, MICH.

Barnet kitchen Cabinet, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 1922

Biederman Mfg. Co.  Spencerville, Ohio

Boone Kitchen Cabinet – Campbell-Smith-Ritchie Co. – Lebanon, Indian

Borden Cabinet Co. The Indiana.  Indianapolis IN.  1922

Border Kitchen Cabinet,  Bedford, In  1920

Border Queen Kitchen Cabinet,  1913-1917

Bosse kitchen Cabinets,   1909

Brownbilt kitchen cabinet,  F. K. Cox & Co.  Newmarket, Australia

California Kitchen Cabinet co.   1883

Cardinal Cabinet co. The,   Wabash, IN ,  1913

Chambers Kitchen Cabinet, The. , Maryville, TN   1896

Chatham Kitchen Cabinet,  -Manson Campbell Co, Chatham, Ont (Detroit) 1906 

Chief Keokuk, The better Kitchen Cabinet,  Akerson-Ringstrom Co. Keokuk, Iowa,

Colonial Cabinet Co.  St. Louis,   1915

Conroy’s High-Grade Kitchen Cabinet,   1909

Crawford-Bunch Furniture Co. Statesville, NC.  1915

Culinart, Frankfort, Ind.

Curtis Cabinet Co.  “Curtis woodwork”, Cabinet 1935—

Diamond Kitchen Cabinets – Shelbyville, Ind. The C.F. Schmoe Furniture Co.

Domestic Science kitchen Cabinet,   1927 


Dulin Anderson-Dulin Varnell Co. Knoxville, KY.

Easiwork Kitchen Cabinet, 242 Tottenham Court Road. LONDON, W. 1.

Elwell- Minneapolis Furniture Co. MN

Eureka Kitchen Cabinet,  1904

Falcon manufacturing Co. Big Rapids, Mich.  1918

Famous Line Borden Cabinets, BORDEN,  IND. 

Flemming Kitchen Cabinet,   Made in Vancouver, Canada

Galax Furniture & Lumber Co. Galax, VA. “MFRS. of Kitchen Cabinets, Bedroom Suites & Chiffoniers.”-          

Galox Kitchen Cabinet  (misspelling???)  1914

Glenwood kitchen Cabinet, Eastern Furniture Co.  Bangor, Maine.—1926

Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Co. “Kitchen Cabinets”. 

Greencastle – Greencastle Cabinet Co., Greencastle, Indiana

H. C. Niemann & Co. Rockwell St. Chicago, IL  

H. J. Scheirich, Louisville, KY, and Scheirich, Louisville, Kentucky.

Haire Kitchen Cabinet, The,   The Haire Kitchen Cabinet Co. Bristol, TENN

Ham Brothers Mfg. Kitchen Cabinets.  Brandford, Ont.

Harris – Brown table Co, Greenwood, Miss — Patented item? Sept 9, 1912

Harrison’s Patent Kitchen Cabinet.  1900

Hartman’s white beauty “Comfort” Kitchen Cabinet

Hastings, Hastings Cabinet Company, Hastings, Michigan. (Alme?)

Hathaway Kitchen Cabinets,  Carbondale, Pa.   1895

Haverty,   Haverty Furniture Co. Atlanta, GA. 

Helpmate Cabinet Co. The,  Little Rock Furniture Manu. Co.  Little Rock, ARK.

Hoosier Manufacturing Co.  New Castle, Indiana  

Hoover-Bond, Store brand, Hoover-Bond store, Lansing, Mich.

HOPPER Brand Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard,  Sioux City, Iowa.

Hudson Bay Company, The. Kitchen Cabinets,   1914

Hygena, Liverpool, England. 1930

Hygeno Sanitary Steel kitchen Cabinet.   1917

Ideal – Vincennes, Indiana, Vincennes Furniture Manufacturers, Vincennes Indiana.

I-X-L furniture Co (Goshen IN)  1916

JAP Sanitary Kitchen Cabinets  “made in Cinn.  “THE CINCINNATI FLY SCREEN CO.   1911

Joering and Pelchmann Co.   St Louis, MO

John Thomas, “Manufacture of Kitchen Cabinets, Galveston, Indiana”

Justrite Cupboards & Kitchen Cabinets,  Indiana Furniture Company, Evansville, IN  1915

Kelly foundry and Machine, Goshen, IN

Kemper Brothers, Founded in Feb 9, 1926 – Richmond, IN/Cincinnati, OH. —-

Keystone, Littlestown, PA Example with clock

King Mantel & Furniture Co. Knoxville, Tenn.  

Kinkead Combination Kitchen cabinet,    B.F. Kinkead, Inventor/Mfg. Emporia, KS.  1900

Kitchen Maid, Wasmuth-Endicott, Andrews, IND.


Kitchen Queen,  unknown, 1930

Kitchenaid,    The H. E. Furniture Co., Limited, “Kitchenaid” ,  Milverton, Ontario 1913

KLANKE furniture co.  New Bremen, Ohio.   1908

Klemp Furniture Co. The H. W.,  Leavenworth, Kansas.  (often misspelled KEMP)

Knechtel Kitchen Kabinet Co.  Western Ontario, Ca.  1925

Kompass & Stoll Co. Niles, MI.    1905

KOZY_KITCH   The Electric Kitchenet Co. Fort Wayne, IN  1922

Kuchins Furn. Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MO “3 K Kitchen Cabinet, Keep, Kitchen, Kleen”

Lambeth Furniture Co. Thomasville, N.C.  “kitchen cabinets”  1921

Landau Cabinet Co, St Louis, Mo  1912

Leo Kahn Furniture Co. Memphis, Tenn. “Kitchen Cabinets” 1921

Little Rock Furniture Manufacturing Co., Little rock, Ark.  1915

Manson Cambell Company, The, Chatham, ONT. Detroit Mich. 

Marion Cabinet Co. The, by Dearborn Desk Manufacturing Co, Marion, IN.

Marsh – High Point, North Carolina (Marsh Furniture Company) 1924–38

McAnsh, Dwyer & Co. Chicago, IL.  1905

McClernan Metal Products Co. Dept H. 122S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, ILL

McClure. Marion, IN  1912

McDougald   different spelling  different company  ??????   1908

McDougall Co.   “Domestic Science, cabinet line made by McDougall Co.  Frankfort, Ind.

Miller’s BULT-RITE Line, Stoneville Cabinet Co, Stoneville, N.C.                                                                                                               

MONARCH   ???????? & CABINETS  (from label on cabinet) different than below?????


Mother Hubbard’s New Cupboards, The Cardinal Cabinet Co. Wabash, IN.                           

Mutschler Bros. Manufacturing, Nappanee, IN.   1928

Napanee Dutch Kitchenet, Nappanee, IN (Coppes, Zook & Mutschler, Coppes Bros. & Zook, Coppes, INC.)

National” Cabinet, The National Screen & Manu. Co. Cincinnati, OH.

None Better  1911-15

Ohio State Stove & Mfg. Co. The, Columbus, Ohio (Royal Ossco all steel kitchen cabinet)

Oxford- 1930’s, Oxford, PA

Paul Manufacturing Co. Fort Wayne, IN    “goes out of kitchen cabinet Business, 1915” 

Perfection Colonial Cabinet Co. 2616 N. 15th St. St. Louis, MO.   1915

Platter Beauty Cabinet, North Vernon, Ind.   Kitchen & bath room

Purity Kitchen Cabinet,  Louisville, KY  1924

Quaker Valley Mfg. Co.  Chicago, IL   1899

Red Wing Cabinet Co.  Red Wing, Minn.    1917

Royal Ossce, Metal Cabinet, sold in Dayton, Ohio    1916

Ruddy’s Single Step kitchen Cabinet.  Ruddy Mfg. Co. Brantford, Ont.   1926

Scheirich kitchen Cabinets “UNEXCELLED”  5 styles  1949

Schmoe, C. F., Diamond Special Kit. Cab.   Shelbyville, IN  1914

Sellers – Elwood, Indiana, had lines named Kitcheneed & Mastercraft

Showers Brothers Furniture Co. – Bloomington, Indiana

Spiegel’s kitchen cabinets.   1905

Springfield Model Kitchen Cabinet, Springfield Furniture Co., Springfield, MO

Square Rand, Chittenden & Eastman Co.   ?????on, IOWA,

Sutter kitchen cabinet,  Michigan ??? ,    1913

Tippycanoe, The, “THE TIPP BLDG. & MFG. CO. Tippycanoe City, Ohio. “Tippycanoe Kitchen Cabinets”,

Van Sciver Co. J.  B.,  Camden, N.J.  

W.B. Gifford Furniture Company? 

Wayne Cabinet, The, Sold in Dayton, Ohio. “Solid Oak”   (Store Brand ?)

White Barton Cabinet Company, ???

White House Kitchen Cabinet, The,  1914

Wilson – Grand Rapids, Michigan (sold by Sears)

Unsure of the following

Quality KIND, The,  Schmitt & Henry Mfg. Co.,  Des Moines, Iowa

Dearborn Mfg. Co.  Chicago. 1925 Newspaper ads.  used words kitchen cabinets only?

Kitchen Cabinets made by T. R. Chambers, Maryville, Tenn.  1896  

Following are possible store brands of Hoosier Style Kitchen Cabinets

“Barbara Blount”,   “our own private trademark”, Fowler Brothers Co.  Knoxville, 1933

“Kitchenola”,  Master Cabinet, The National Store, Washington D. C.  1915

“LIK-A-MAID” kitchen cabinets,   1922

Borden Kitchen Cabinet

Eagle Kitchen Cabinet,  Rhodes-Collins Furniture Co., Pensacola, FL

Ferguson Special Cabinet,  Ferguson Bros. Store, Coffeyville, KS

Gold Metal K. C.   “Mail & Breese Kitchen Cabinet Club”. Topeka, KS

Hoover-Bond,  Store brand, Hoover-Bond Furniture Store, Lansing, Mich

May-Sterns kitchen cabinets    1905

Paul Furniture Co. Fort Wayne, In   out of business 1915

Quaker kitchen cabinet    1898 – 1912

Sherman kitchen cabinets


W. E. Kitchen Cabinet, 1914, Davis Furniture Co. Uniontown, PA

Wayne Kitchen Cabinet, From Dayton, Ohio

Related information

Kitchen Cabinet TINWARE, & HARDWARE  was  made by McCormick Bros. Co. Albany, Ind.

Ingram-Richardson Co. Frankfort, IN.  Manufactures of PORCILIRON work surfaces for Hoosier Mfg. Co.

Vitreous Products Company, Nappanee, In –  made porcelain tops for Napanee Dutch Kitchenet

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  1. I just inherited a 1920s land out cabinet company St. Louis who’s your cabinet and I’m looking for parts it’s in pretty good shape I live in the St. Louis Edwardsville area if you know of any place where I can buy parts that would be lovely thanks for any help Shawn

  2. I just inherited a 1920s land out cabinet company St. Louis Hoosier cabinet and I’m looking for parts it’s in pretty good shape I live in the St. Louis Edwardsville area if you know of any place where I can buy parts that would be lovely thanks for any help Shawn

  3. Lay Sturm S. W. Corp 5th and Elm Streets, Cincinnati, Ohio stencil on back. 2 piece Hoosier style. 39 x25 porcelain top, scalloped wood on top piece. Flour sifter storage with cap. Roll top on top rolls to porcelain shelf. Tin bread drawer bottom.

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  6. Add a manufacturer to your list. I have a Marshall Fields Hoosier.

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