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Highland, Michigan

This Coppes Bros. & Zook cabinet was originally purchased by my grandfather, Ulysses S. Beach.  The original shipping label is still intact and legible on the back.  There is also a stenciled label which identifies the cabinet as a Model “4015 White.”  I assume that the “40” refers to the size of the cabinet since it is 40 inches wide, while the “15” may refer to some specific combination of features.  So far, however, I cannot find any Coppes catalog, literature or ad which refers to a Model 4015.  There is no built-in flour bin and no screw holes or other indication one was ever present.  The square Coppes Bros. badge just above the curtain/tambour suggests this unit was built between 1925 and 1930 (per the “Date Your Coppes Napanee Hoosier” page on this site).  Other than new casters the cabinet is still in original condition and now occupies a place of honor in the kitchen of my home (built in 1891 by my great-grandfather)

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  1. Jessica Flores – How absolutely fortunate you are to live in the home built by your Great Grandfather and use the Napanee cabinet that has been in your family for so long! What a wonderful story!

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