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Tree Removal on Market Street

Welcome to Bill’s History Corner. This is the place! Last fall (2019) Coppes needed to remove some large trees along Market Street. They were becoming dangerous, with large limbs beginning to fall in windstorms. I happened to be at Coppes Commons on the day the tree cutters came to remove the trees, so I thought someone should take some pictures to preserve a little part on the history of the company. This is the result of watching out of a 2nd floor window for ½ hour.

These trees were huge, the tree cutters started by trimming the top limbs into small sections and letting them down to the earth with ropes. The crew had the largest bucket truck I have ever seen. That allowed them to reach the treetops safely without climbing the tree itself. If they would have dropped the tree sections from such a height the sidewalk would have been broken and maybe a section could have bounced into the street, causing an accident with a car or truck. Very professional cutters, they were. Setting barricades in the street to protect the traffic and wearing PPEs for personal protection.

The pictures I want to show you are the last ones, cutting the large tree trunk. This picture will give you a clue as to the size of the trees. Again, remember I was watching from the 2nd floor window, so I was close to the action. When the tree trunk is down on the ground, the decay in the trunk is visible.

The company then removed the tree stump and new beautiful trees were planter along Market Street. So, let it be noted for future reference, the current trees along Market Street were planted in Sept of 2019. Like everything else that is put on the web, this History Corner will still be floating somewhere in the clouds just waiting for some future Historian to discover it.

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