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Coppes Commons – the Amazing Before & After Pictures That Reveal Just Part of Our Transformation

Welcome to Bill’s History Corner. I think you will be amazed at these pictures. It is so easy to forget what the buildings looked like when the demolition was started. I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. With the first pair of before and after pictures the camera is positioned on Lincoln St looking East. The camera is just to the West of what is now the Right Angle Steel building. You can see the corner of the building at the same position in each photo. Originally this was part of the Coppes Inc. complex. Easy to forget that we could not drive through on Lincoln Street.

The second pair of before and after pictures are also of this same area but from the other side of the buildings and pointed the other direction. With these pictures, the camera is again on Lincoln Street, but we are now looking West. The demolition had started and soon Lincoln Street would be open for traffic. How many of you tried to drive through here before the street was paved and got stuck in the mud?

We have come a long way, Baby!

4 thoughts on “Coppes Commons – the Amazing Before & After Pictures That Reveal Just Part of Our Transformation

  1. Love visiting Coppescommons . Always bring visiting friends here .

  2. I loved it when East Lincoln Street went through! I still appreciate it every time I use it. Like today when the town traffic is so busy with Apple Festival! I won’t ever take it for granted.

  3. It has definitely been a huge asset to the town! Thanks for your comment, Deb!

  4. Thank you for sharing Coppes with your friends, Donna. We appreciate your business.
    –Jessica, Media and Marketing Specialist

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