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Woodstock, GA

Manufactured by Mutschler Furniture in Nappanee. My mother was a housekeeper for Mr Mutschler and he gave her the Hoosier cabinet as a wedding gift. At the same time my father purchased a matching Hoosier table with a enamel top that matched the cabinet top. The year was 1936.

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  1. A beautiful Hoosier AND a beautiful table(With ‘fancy grade’ tops.). Coolest I’ve ever seen.
    Did not know there were such matching pieces. I’ll be looking harder, yet, now! I only have 3
    Hoosier and Hoosier-type(Including a steel “Hoosier” with a Formica-like top(50’s/60’s), and 4 porcelain top tables. I need more!

    One thing I did with my best cabinet(Keystone, from Littlestown, Pa.) was replaced the glass. I wrapped it and keep it in the bottom of the cabinet, but it was way too dangerous, being large sheets of old, thin, plain glass.). Had tempered glass replacements made. Same for the “50’s” cabinet. As it had a broken pane, and I had put my hand through the rest of it(Great luck, no ER visits needed.).

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