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I purchased this recently and would like to restore it, but not sure if it’s a Boone, a Hoosier, a McDougall…??? Help! On the bottom of the enamel countertop, it reads “Enameliron, December 1941”
Any help will be much appreciated!

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  1. This is not a Coppes Napanee cabinet, which we specialize in. I will pass on your photo to our historian and see if he can provide any information for you. –Jessica

  2. It seems an unusual cutey just the way it is!

    I do wonder if it has the original finish(May be able to tell by carefully examining it for traces of other finish.). I, primarily, say this because the red trim/white top wouldn’t seem to go along with the dark stain. More often seen with a white cabinet(Possibly with more painted red trim..?).

    Hardware may also have been painted? Personally, I don’t like to restore unless someone else tried and failed, or it was badly broken, before me… Still, one can have some porcelain re-done(I know old tubs, anyway.). You might want to if you prefer to keep it dark. AGAIN, we love this stuff for it’s age and it’s beautiful scars of decades of battle. Much less(Including collector value-wise.) when it’s been redone. It’s already beautiful. Where possible, get it to usable – enough.

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