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Recorded List of Hoosier Cabinet Manufacturers Grows

I found something that is really interesting to me. Maybe to you also. It seems that Google Books has scanned and made available on the internet, books on many subjects (I don’t know how many, search Google Books for a subject that interests you on your computer). I found 5-6 on early furniture companies that also had advertisements from kitchen cabinet manufactures. From the beginning of the Kitchen Cabinet Museum here at Coppes Commons people have wanted to know how many companies made the kitchen cabinets called “Hoosiers”. To that end I have been recording newly discovered companies on to my “List of Hoosier Cabinet Manufactures” which I intend to share with you in today’s History Corner. But first, I need to make a disclaimer. Almost all the companies on my list are there because I personally have seen a likeness of a cabinet that can easily be named a “Hoosier” cabinet. I look for names of Hoosier cabinets manufactures everywhere. Some companies are from eBay listings, some from cabinets in antique stores, magazines & newspaper advertisements, and then Google Books advertisements.

I was looking at the Google Books, St. Louis Furniture Journals for the years 1924-25-26 and found several new (new to me) cabinet company advertisements. I also looked at the 1917 & 1921 The Furniture Worker and found some more. I’m beginning to think that a lot of furniture manufacturing companies during the heyday of the Hoosier cabinet fad tried their hand at making a version of a Hoosier style kitchen cabinet.

Here are three advertisements for kitchen cabinet manufacturing companies that I recently found. I used these three Advertisements because they are all close to Northern Indiana, and I did not know of them until recently.

hoosier ad 1

kitchen cabinet ad #2

Elwell Hoosier Cabinet

This is turning into a long Bill’s History Corner. Next, this is my current (as of Oct. 28, 18) list of Hoosier cabinet Manufactures. This list contains some of my notes also. I’m sure the list will grow larger as more companies are discovered.


Our collected list of Hoosier Cabinet manufacturers as of Oct. 28, 2018.

Disclaimer-Names of MFG. were found in many places, eBay listings, Cabinets in Antique Stores, Advertisements in Magazines, Trade Journals, Etc. In most cases, I actually looked at a likeness of a cabinet or an actual kitchen cabinet that was constructed in the style of Hoosier Cabinets. A cabinet that is free-standing, with top and bottom parts and a work surface and large amounts of storage. Some listings contain my notes.


Abernathy Furniture Co, Kansas City, MO

Ariel Cabinet Company – Peru, Indiana ”handyhelper”

Baines, Mosier Company, Allegan, MICH. Pic. In file

Biederman Mfg. Co.  Spencerville, Ohio (2 roll-ups)

Boone Kitchen Cabinet – Campbell-Smith-Ritchie Co. – Lebanon, Indian

Chatham-Manson Campbell Co, Chatham, Ont 1900-

Culinart, Frankfort, Ind.

Dearborn Desk Manufacturing Co, Marion, IN (The Marion Cabinet Co.), have cabinet

Diamond Kitchen Cabinets – Shelbyville, Ind. The C.F. Schmoe Furniture Co. (have advertisement)

“Domestic Science” Built in Kitchen Units. McDougall Co.  Frankfort, Ind.

“Dulin” Anderson-Dulin Varnell Co. Knoxville, KY. 3 different cabinets Mfg. by Coppes for Dulin

Easiwork Kitchen Cabinet, 242 Tottenham Court Road. LONDON, W. 1. (eBay listing)

Elwell- Minneapolis, MN Have pic. In adv. file

Greencastle – Greencastle Cabinet Co., Greencastle, Indiana

H J Scheirich, Louisville, KY, and Scheirich, Louisville, Kentucky.

Hartman’s white beauty Comfort Kitchen Cabinet No location, printed tin sign.

Hastings, Hastings Cabinet Company, Hastings, Michigan

Harris – Brown table Co, Greenwood, Miss — Patented item? Sept 9, 1912

Hoosier Manufacturing Co.  New Castle, Indiana

“HOPPER” Brand Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard, made in Sioux City, Iowa. (ebay item)

Hygena, Liverpool, England. 1930s Ebay item

Ideal – Vincennes, Indiana Ideal, Vincennes Furniture Manufacturers, Vincennes Indiana

I-XL furniture Co (Goshen IN)-looks like Coppes parts 

Kelly foundry and Machine, Goshen, IN

Kemp   Levenworth KS     listing on ebay

Keystone, Littlestown, PA Example with clock

“Kitchen Maid” Wasmuth-Endicott, Andrews, IND. (ebay cabinet listing)

KLANKE Furniture co.  New Bremen, Ohio

Kuchins Furn. Mfg. Co., St. Louis, MO “3 K Kitchen Cabinet, Keep, Kitchen, Kleen” Pics.

Landau Cabinet Co, St Louis, Mo

Mutschler Bros. Manufacturing, Nappanee, IN

Kemper Brothers, Founded in Feb 9, 1926 – Richmond, IN/Cincinnati, OH. —-

—-   Subsidiary of Masterbrand Cabinets, Jasper, IN.    2017, Still in business.

Marsh – High Point, North Carolina (Marsh Furniture Company) (have adv.)

The Ohio State Stove & Mfg. Co., Columbus, Ohio (Royal Ossco all steel kitchen cabinet)

John Thomas, “Manufacture of Kitchen Cabinets, Galveston, Indiana” we have cabinet.

Oxford- 1930’s, Oxford, PA

McClure. Marion, IN

McDougall – Frankfort, Indiana

MONARCH   ???????? & CABINETS  (from label on cabinet)

Napanee – Nappanee, IN (Coppes, Zook & Mutschler) (Coppes Bros. & Zook) (Coppes, INC.)

Red Wing Cabinet Co.  Red Wing, Minn.    eBay listing

Sellers – Elwood, Indiana

Showers Brothers Furniture Co. – Bloomington, Indiana

The Tippycanoe,  “THE TIPP BLDG. & MFG. CO. Tippycanoe City, Ohio. “Tippycanoe Kitchen Cabinets, ‘None Better”  (Ebay item, pics in file)

Wilson – Grand Rapids, Michigan (sold by Sears)

Harris-Brown table co.  kitchen cabinet

The Manson Cambell Company, Chatham, ONT.

White Barton Cabinet Company, ???

Galax Furniture & Lumber Co. Galax, VA. “MFRS. of Kitchen Cabinets, Bed Room Suites & Chiffoniers.”- — Have photo of cabinet @ Antique Mall in Port Shelton, MI

Springfield Model Kitchen Cabinet, Springfield Furniture Co., Springfield, MO

“Perfection” Colonial Cabinet Co. 2616 N. 15th St. St. Louis, MO.  Ad. in 1915 St. Louis Furniture News

“The Helpmate Cabinet” Little Rock Furniture Manu. Co.  Little Rock, ARK.

“Justrite Cupboards & Kitchen Cabinets”,  Indiana Furniture Company, Evansville, IN  Ad in June 1915 ———St. Louis Furniture News

Mother Hubbard’s New Cupboards, The Cardinal Cabinet Co. Wabash, IN.  P. 52 June ‘15 St. Louis —  ——–Furniture News

Joering and Pelchmann Co.   St Louis, MO ad on page 39, July 1915, St Louis Furniture News

Crawford-Bunch Furniture Co. Statesville, NC.  Ad on P. 48 Sept, 1915 St. Louis Furniture News.

Campbell, Smith & Ritchie.  Lebanon, Ad in 1905 Furniture journal

McAnsh, Dwyer & Co. Chicago, IL. Ad in 1905 Furniture Journal

  1. C. Niemann & Co. Rockwell St. Chicago, IL Ad in 1905 Furniture Journal

Kompass & Stoll Co. Niles, MI.    Ad in 1905 furniture Journal

The Ranney Refrigerator Company, Greenville, Mich.   Ad in 1905 Furniture Journal. P 154

Globe-Bosse-World Furniture Co. “Kitchen Cabinets”.  P. 274, The Furniture Worker Vol. 38, 1921

Lambeth Furniture Co. Thomasville, N.C.  “kitchen cabinets” The Furniture Worker Vol. 38, 1921

Leo Kahn Furniture Co. Menphis, Tenn. “Kitchen Cabinets” The Furniture Worker Vol. 38, 1921

“National” Cabinet, The National Screen & Manu. Co. Cincinnati, OH. The Furniture Worker Vol. 38, ‘21

Kitchen Cabinet TINWARE, McCormick Bros. Co. Albany, Ind. P.65 The Furniture Worker Vol. 38, ‘21

Acme Kitchen Furniture Co. Chattanooga, Tenn.  Ad. Nov. 1917 Furniture Worker

Falcon manufacturing Co. Big Rapids, Mich.  Ad. 1918 Grand Rapids furniture Record

King Mantel & Furniture Co. Knoxville, Tenn.   Ad. 1921 Grand Rapids Furniture Record

42 thoughts on “Recorded List of Hoosier Cabinet Manufacturers Grows

  1. Did the Sellers Hoosier Cabinet have any distinctive markings to recognize it actually being a Sellers Cabinet? I bought one in 2004 at an estate sale. I was told it is a Sellers but I don’t know if the person that told me actually knew for sure. I refinished this Cabinet and it is beautiful!! I just would like to know for sure where it came from. Thank you

  2. Hi Donna,
    I am passing your question and email address on to our historian to provide you with more info. Thanks for checking in.

  3. I bought a Hoosier cabinet from an estate sale as well. I would like to learn its history
    Before I possibly ruin its value by painting it. The only clue I have is a partial sticker on
    The back that “The Marysville Cabinent “. The rest of the sticker is warn off. I would like to learn its history and Value.

  4. So neat to have found this post! I was trying to figure out the age of my Hoosier . It’s got a trademark placard on it that reads “Easiwork” along with a serial number. I am debating painting it a simple white to match my kitchen decor and have seen a number of these cabinets painted in retro colors but if it’s a valuable antique I don’t want to bring down the value, as it’s in pretty good condition!

  5. Sounds like a good find! We do suggest leaving it unpainted if you feel that’s the original condition.

  6. Hi Rita, unfortunately, we are not experts on other makers, but if you’d like to run it by our historian, feel free to email Bill and be sure to send pictures to

  7. Thank you for that advice, I appreciate it!

  8. Thank you Jessica

  9. I recently received a Sellers Hoosier cabinet that my father-in-law found in an abandoned storage building. It’s in almost perfect shape with the exception of dirt buildup and dirt-dobber nests, and the flats on the roll top are coming apart. I haven’t found one that looks like mine. There is a label on the back that likely had the manufacture date, but it’s torn. I would love to find out more about this cabinet plus I really want to find the “staples” that were used to place the cooking instructions to the inside cabinets.

  10. I bought a cabinet with patten date on flour bin glass 1..12.26. And has a partical pict of manufactured on bottom pcs. Can you plz help me with some info Thank you
    Heather D. Little

  11. Hi Heather. We’re sending you an email….

  12. I inherited a hoosier type cabinet from my grandmother who lived in Alabama. It was white with strawberry decals and a red enamel band on the work surface. It is in bad shape and I want to restore it but there is a gold decal on the front above the tambor cabinet that is illegible. it is glued on / flat like a decal not a nailed on label. I would love to know what it said as i think it may be the manufacturer. any ideas on how I can find out? I know it was made no earlier than the 1930’s because I found the patent drawing for the tambor mechanism that was granted in 1928. thanks.

  13. Hi Nancy. Feel free to send photos and all you know about the piece to our historian, Bill at this email address:
    Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Hi, I recently bought a Hoosier and it has a marking on the back that says Schwartz Manufacturing Plymouth, WI. Anyone know how old it would be?

  15. Hi Jenny, I’m sending you an email — Jessica, Media & Marketing

  16. HI! I’ve had a Hoosier that has a brass plate on the top front, saying Mother Hubbard picture of her and then New Cupboard. Indiana. It has heavy etched glass and a roll top drawer where the flour goes. It also has an enamel (granite wear)countertop. Can you tell me any more about it? What it may be worth? I’ve had it for over 35 years. Thanks for any information you can provide me!

  17. Hi Tonia,
    We are not experts on any Hoosier cabinet makers except for our own produced by the Coppes brothers. We’ll send you an email with a contact that may be able to help. Thanks for visiting.

  18. Thanks for the referral!!!
    HOpe you are all safe and well!
    Tonia Schipull

  19. I am looking for the manufacturer of the Lizzy Hutch. I understand they are in No.Indiana and are Amish makers of Pine Furniture.

  20. I have a hoosier style cabinet that has a tag on it. The tag says it is a “Monarck kitchen cabinet”. Has the typical flour bin up top, and metal lined drawers on the bottom, the roll top part is missing, has the white granite work space top. Appears to be made of pine, currently it is white. I cant find any info on this.

  21. I bought an Ideal Kitchen Cabinet with the porcelain work top and 3 drawers on the bottom with a cabinet and 2 sets of cabinet sections on the top. It has the Ideal Kitchen Cabinet tag on the front of it. Not sure what wood it is made from but would like to know more about it and what it is worth. Missing some pieces to the inside but in good shape.

  22. I have had an Elwell cabinet for years. I so appreciate the ad you published! I am now preparing to sell it as we are downsizing. Do you know where I could find it’s value! Thank you so much for publishing this list!

  23. Ruth, we’re experts on Coppes Napanee cabinets only, and Market values vary so much between different areas of the country, so we suggest checking your local Facebook marketplace listings, Craigslist, Ebay, Antique Stores, etc.

  24. If you’d like to add another manufacturer to the list, my daughter is getting ready to clean and repaint my wife’s Hoosier cabinet made by the Austell Furniture Company, Austell, Georgia. And then she’ll take it to graduate school.

  25. Thank you for sharing that, Doug! The input from our fans and customers is so important, and we love to see these pieces being passed down.

  26. I have a stainless steel “Hoosier style” cabinet I bought at an auction. I’ve been trying to find out who manufacturer is. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  27. Who made the rounded top style cabinet???

  28. I have a Hoosier style cabinet markedScheirick manufacturing Co. can you give me any more info on this product ?

  29. I have a Hoosier cabinet and tag in cabinet says Hoosier Manufacturing, Indiana USA. Any pictures of those cabinets made in Indiana? Trying to find out year made.

    Thank you

  30. Hi Jeanne. No, we only specialize in Coppes Napanee cabinets. Try the Facebook group “Give Your Wife A Hoosier Cabinet.
    ” The members are very helpful!
    Thanks for checking in
    Media & Marketing Manager

  31. Several different manufacturers did, including Coppes

  32. I purchased a Hoosier cabinet marked K. D. Cabinet Company, manufacturer of kitchen cabinets, Richmond, Indiana. I think it is made of maple. I did not see this company name on your list. Do you have any information about the company and their kitchen cabinets in particular? Thank you

  33. Heather, please feel free to email our historian, Bill, with info at

  34. Hi,
    My Hoosier cabinet has a metal label on the front of the pull-out zinc top that says 1908 Paterson, NJ.
    Could it really have been made there?
    I am a Paterson, NJ high school teacher and history buff.

  35. I’m sorry, we are not your best source to answer this question. We focus on Coppes Cabinets.

  36. i wish there was more information on a hoosier – wilson kitchen cabinet – from Sears, Roebuck & co.

  37. I’m sorry we weren’t of more help to you! This website may not be the best place for you to find the information you’re looking for. Thank you for stopping by anyway!

  38. My aunt has a Hoosier cabinet with a metal label that says “Lewis Furniture Company”. I have not been able to find any information on this company. Can Bill provide any assistance?

  39. Do you have estimate of value and is a showers catalog available?
    I have a Showers Bros Hoosier model #8608-61620 on original label in excellent condition original paint, hardware, and wheels and Ingram Richardson enamel countertop with label still intact. Tambour door slats need cloth re-backing.

  40. Hello, I just inherited my grandmother’s Hoosier Cabinet made by The Wilson Corporation, New York and Norfolk VA.
    It has a # 91555 on it. This is a metal tag at the very top.
    Could you tell me possibly the value approximately. Not to be sold just for my information.

  41. Hello, I inherited a Hoosier Cabinet and It has JG Wilson at the top of it. It also has a number.
    It has been refinished and belonged to my grandmother. I would like to know how old it is?

  42. I’m about to be sent some photos of a Sellers Hoosier Cabinet I might be getting. When I recieve them I would love to email Bob and see if he can tell me more about its history. Hoosier cabinets were the best thing ever made for a woman in her kitchen. I’m just a lover of the Victorian era including the fashions. God bless and everyone spread the love., ❣️

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