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Rochester, NY

McCormick Apt. 1

My Sellers cabinet was a housewarming gift to me in the late 1990s. An antique dealer we knew found it at the original owner’s farmhouse estate sale in northern Michigan. The flour bin had been removed, but the rest is intact (including the egg timer, charts, shopping list with movable arrows, recipe holder, bread box, cutting board, ant traps on the feet, etc) I treasure this cabinet and use it daily in my kitchen where it holds my baking supplies. I believe it was made in the early 1920s . I love it!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting your Sellers cabinet. We just bought the same type, the taller one. Ours is supposed to be Gray enamel, alas, red and yellow. A lot of work ahead of us! I f this message gets to you, could you possibly tell me what is stamped on the back of yours? I have a feeling the tall ones were a special order. Your picture explains why the flipped the doors upside down. The taller space was needed for the stencil.

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